Comprehensive Health Cabinet


“Knowledge, work and natural love are the sources of life” Wilheim Reich

For 20 years these three aspects have been the pillars that have guided us in the development of our person and profession; the knowledge in the different aspects that influence the person, forming and studying areas such as: physiology, anatomy, psychology, behavior, philosophy … .., the dedication and professionalism in our work as well as the love of everything we do, towards us and the others.

Since our inception in the clinic in 2004, we have been committed to health and its prevention, where the priority has been an individualized attention with a personal and human treatment, with a quality treatment, where the important thing is the person looking for their balance, both physically, posturally, emotionally and viscerally as a whole, hence we base ourselves on a global vision of each situation.

The commitment with our patients and with ourselves has made us continue to train in different types of therapies and fields, expanding the vision of our knowledge, where we focus not only on the physical body but also on the mental and energetic, giving importance to the possible emotional causes with their consequent physical disorders.

For us, each person is unique and therefore their pathology will be, where our best teacher during these 20 years has been and is the patient, the best book is the one that comes out of his mouth, where the disease is what best He cared until he came to us.



Pilates is a global training method that combines the stretching and toning of the muscles (both superficial and deep) to achieve effects such as improving posture, strengthening and strengthening muscles, providing flexibility and stability to the joints, improving concentration mental on body movements and create......

In the course we conducted this January in Zaragoza, the neurodevelopment keys and their integration in the baby and the child were addressed. The child’s motor development is one of the main pillars in his infant brain development. When the child has not made a......

In October we started with our small group classes conducted by our physiotherapists, call us at 974 360709 and reserve your place. ABDOMINAL HIPOPRESSIVE GYMNASTICS: to access the groups, an individual session is held in which your pelvic floor will also be assessed if you......