The PHYSIOTHERAPY, is a University Diploma within the health sciences dedicated to the study of life, health and diseases, based on body movement.
Our 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist in the hospital environment, high level sports and private / private level, with a continuous training, has given us that therapeutic sensitivity based on listening and knowledge, which is reflected in the prevention and improvement of the health of our patients.

We have studied different physiotherapy techniques to be able to give a better service to our patients. The basis of all the techniques have been manual therapies, where we have included:
* Articular techniques (OMT orthopedic manual therapy)
* Muscular techniques (diacranal fibrolysis, Reduction
Global Postural RPG, Myofascial Therapy and Dry Puncture)
* Nervous system (Neurodynamics)

With these techniques to treat muscular problems, sprains, dislocations, bone fractures, tendinitis, scars, headaches, neuralgia …