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In 1998 I graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Zaragoza, where my beginnings were in the sports field, always accompanied by studies aimed at Manual Therapy (Global Postural Reeducation, Manual Orthopedic Therapy, Dry Needle, Myofascial Pain, Diacutaneous Fibrosis. ..), I specialized in sports physiotherapy while I was a professor in the different postgraduates organized by the University of Zaragoza, until in 2004 I started my career in the private clinic in VITALIA SALUD, always accompanied by continuous training and with the basic of the overall treatment that this approach gives Osteopathy and Pediatrics, in turn training in different techniques (cranio-sacral therapy, neurolinguistic programming NLP, biodecoding …) after combining the clinical experience both private and hospital, continue my training based on the concept of globality focused on my personal development, to improve the Scucha, state and presence with the patient, looking for the physical, energetic and emotional balance of each patient.



Lisbel Montequin - psicóloga


My name is Lisbel Montequin, and I graduated in June 2023 with a degree in psychology from the National University of Distance Education. Before delving into the world of psychology, all my training was centered in the sports domain. However, I had always been deeply interested in psychology. At the age of 30, I decided to pursue education in this field, and from the outset, it became a newfound passion for me.

During my studies, I had the experience of becoming a mother and went through a challenging time with postpartum depression. Psychology was instrumental in helping me overcome this phase, giving me even more strength and motivation to continue my journey in mental health. I saw firsthand how the mind can aid us during tough times and guide us when we feel lost.

By the age of 38, I completed my studies in psychology with a specialization in clinical intervention for mental and behavioral disorders. Additionally, I have been attending courses in psychological first aid, emotional well-being, and positive psychology. I continue to further my education and also dedicate some of my time to volunteer work in psychology centers.